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Rovio Announces Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Last year's release of Angry Birds Star Wars on mobile devices was an amazing success for Rovio and it is no surprise that are at it again with a sequel. Unsurprisingly called Angry Birds Star Wars 2, the sequel includes all new levels as expected, but also new characters that are mostly from the prequels. Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, General Grevious, and Jar Jar Binks are among the new characters announced, but expect more to be revealed closer to the game's September 19 release.

The biggest new feature in this sequel is the inclusion of telepods. Similar to Skylanders and the upcoming Disney Infinity, Angry Birds toys can be purchased at various retailers and can be imported into the app thanks to the telepod. Rovio looks to take advantage of this phenomenon to as a way to make more money as if the franchise makes enough money already.

The announcement trailer is below as Angry Birds Star Wars 2 comes out on September 19th for iOS and Android devices.


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