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Rumor Has It: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to Include the Chitauri?

Welcome to Rumor Has It, Player Affinity’s roundup of huge movie rumors. On this week’s docket, we have rumors about Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Will Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man start shooting in London in January?

That’s what Comic Book Movie reports via the Disney casting site Feature Film Casting. As CBM suggests, the long span of time between the assumed beginning of shooting and the release date might exist so the visual effects department can work on the shrinking/enlarging effects. It’s one (admittedly difficult) thing to work on an effects-heavy film, but it’s another to constantly move between “normal” and tiny sizes of your main character. Ant-Man is currently slated to arrive on November 6, 2015 and will shoot in multiple UK locations. But we need to cast an Ant-Man before then …

Will the Chitauri show up in Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Chitauri appeared in The Avengers more or less as Loki’s lackeys. As such, these aliens don’t get to show off their shape-shifting abilities, but perhaps they might have more room to display those talents in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As Roger Wardell tweets:

Marvel currently has Guardians of the Galaxy scheduled for release on August 1, 2014.


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