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Samus Aran Joins the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Cast

"Nintendo's bounty hunter is also playable in the newest Monster Hunter iteration"
Another popular character is getting costume support in Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Announced in an earlier Japanese Nintendo Direct, Metroid's Samus Aran is joining the fray in the new iteration.
The Metroid: Other M version of Samus' Power Suit and Zero Suit Samus are new costumes for the game that also includes Link from The Legend of Zelda and some Animal Crossing characters. Samus's signature arm cannon is also a new weapon in Monster Hunter and you can see that in action thanks to the new trailer below.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated to be released in early 2015 here at the states for the 3DS while Japan gets it earlier as Monster Hunter 4G. With Nintendo costumes on Bayonetta 2 and this, any other Nintendo characters you wanna see get the Monster Hunter treatment? Give us your suggestions on the comments below.


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