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SDCC 2015: Ken Officially Confirmed for Street Fighter V

"Mr. Masters makes his return in Street Fighter V"
It was only a matter of time when Ken was gonna make his return after not being announced in the initial batch of characters for Street Fighter V, but he is now officially confirmed fresh off the Capcom panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer featuring his new look can be seen below.

While Ken appears to still have his shoto moves, he won't play like a typical "shoto" character as he used to be and that indication was first seen in the Street Fighter IV games, especially Omega mode in Ultra. His V-Reversal is his focus attack from SFIV but with fire while his V-Skill is called Quick Step where he can use his step kick or another move to close in on an opponent. Ken's V-Trigger is called Heat Rush which adds more of the fire effect to his special moves for more damage. Capcom did say that they wanted Ken to be more of a rushdown shoto and I think he's already fitting that description.
Ken is playable at San Diego Comic-Con along with the cast revealed so far as Capcom just included him into the build. There was a tease at the end of the trailer of another character as some were saying Akuma, E. Honda or even a completely original guy making his debut. Maybe that will be revealed at Evo next week?
The Street Fighter V PS4 beta starts on July 23rd for those that pre-ordered. It is not likely Ken is gonna be included into the five-day run, but since Cammy and Birdie will be added into it on the 25th to test out additional content functionality, maybe Ken will be included in the last day. We'll see with that as Street Fighter V comes out next year for Playstation 4 and PC.


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