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SEGA & Creative Assembly Announce Alien Isolation

After years of waiting, rumors, speculation, and leaks, SEGA has officially announced the next video game addition to Ridley Scott's science-fiction horror franchise, Alien. Developed by The Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation is set to release across all major platforms later this year.
Leaked as early as May of 2011 by the United Kingdom's Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries via Twitter, following a visit to the developer's studio; very little has surfaced since yesterday regarding the upcoming title.
However, in a maelstrom of trailer teasing, developer diary, and official website fluff; the official word is out. Alien: Isolation passionately will take the video game series back to the roots of the entire franchise, back to Ridley Scott's horrific 1979 thriller, back to survival.
"I guess it all started because, no one had made the game we all wanted to play...a game which really captured the spirit of the original movie... to make a game based not on action, but on horror and survival," said Al Hope, Creative Lead for Alien: Isolation. "We really wanted to make the Alien game that people have been waiting for."

Instead of placing players in the boots of the film's heroine Ellen Ripley or another Colonial Marine tearing through Xenomorphs, the team at The Creative Assembly opted for a continual narrative set 15 years after the events of the first film. Searching for the truth behind her mothers' appearance, Amanda Ripley travels to the decommissioned trading station, Sevastopol, in hopes of retrieving information which may lead to her mother, and as the announcement trailer's narrator Samuels describes the situation, allow her to shut the book on Ellen Ripley's disappearance. However, once Amanda arrives at Sevastopol, she finds that discovering her the truth behind the fate of her mother will be secondary to her own survival against a lone Xenomorph which has eviscerated the crew of the trading station which is now stalking it's latest prey...you.
"We wanted to create an experience that was terrifying and claustrophobic, a game where you would spend the entire time worrying about where the alien is, said Gary Napper," Game Designer for Alien: Isolation.


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