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Sega Officially Confirms Stateside Release for ‘Phantasy Star Online 2’

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been out over in Japan for nearly a week, but Sega finally confirmed what stateside fans have been wanting ever since it was announced that it is indeed coming out to the United States along with Europe as well. The wait, however, is a bit long as it is slated for release sometime in early 2013. This is the long-awaited sequel to the Dreamcast hit which broke new grounds in the online realm at the time of its release. It was in open beta for a short period for PC last month, but finally got the final release treatment last week.

Other than significantly improved features from the original game such as better combat, three different types of human races, and the little changes that will appease hardcore fans, no console versions have been confirmed yet besides the PC. Phantasy Star Universe, which was released in the beginning of the Xbox 360's lifespan, was not much of a success among fans and critics, so that may be one reason why Sega won't try a console release again with PSO2, but who knows seeing as a future Playstation Vita release has been rumored. The Western announcement trailer is below as Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally on track for a North American and European release in early 2013, but for those that can understand Japanese, it is already out for Japan if you can not wait that long for the stateside version.


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