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Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed to Q1 2013

Add Aliens: Colonial Marines to the "Delayed To 2013" list as Sega and developer Gearbox announced the delay today along with releasing a new trailer as well. Gearbox's shooter based on the Alien franchise needs more time and will miss its original holiday 2012 window.

The delay to February 2013 is for all platforms, yet neither Sega nor Gearbox have confirmed a specific release date for the WiiU version, which was originally supposed to be one of the WiiU launch titles. Colonial Marines has been in the works at Gearbox for quite a while even though there they are no stranger to the shooter genre with the Brothers in Arms franchise, last year's Duke Nukem revival, and the Borderlands games as that sequel is still slated to be out this fall. We will see if they have anything new to show off at E3 besides the new trailer below next month along with the WiiU version if that is coming along despite all the recent rumors about Nintendo's new console. The first half of 2013 keeps getting more crowded as Aliens: Colonial Marines will be out on February 12, 2013 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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