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Seth Rogen’s New Animated Comedy Gets Pilot Order

Recently, FX gave the go ahead for a pilot order of an animated comedy from executive producer Seth Rogen. The series is called Bigfoot and will revolve around the character Bigfoot, who will play a modern-day man struggling to figure out the philosophies of life as well as his own animal-like tendencies. Animation has become a priority for the FX network after their hit Archer has become such a popular series, and they also have a new series called Chosen that is being executive producer by Danny McBride, Rogen's friend and co-star in multiple comedy films.

Seth Rogen, known for his many comedy films, including Knocked Up and Pineapple Express, looks to try out the small screen with this new project. Fans of his films can expect nothing short of a hilarious adventure, following Bigfoot's real life quest trying to find out what it means to be a man in the modern world. Rogen is also hilariously quoted by saying that this show “ will be the greatest show about an animated Bigfoot ever made," ironic because we all know that it is the first and only one.  This series is also based on Graham Roumieu's graphic novels about the mythical creature that is called In Me Own Words, Me Write Book, And I Not Dead. The series will be written by Matt Mckenna, who has written the animated series American Dad

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