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SEX CRIMINALS: New Comic from Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

If you have small children, puritanical elderly, or one of those really creepy types who get all, like, sweaty and giggly when sex is mentioned you might want to have the avert their delicate eyes. 

Really, there's going to be talk of bonin'. A little bit of the ol' In 'n' Out. Maybe you should turn to the side so the others can't see the screen. If possible, excuse yourself and read this in the garage.

Sex Criminals Cover

Image comics has just announced a new comic from writer Matt Fraction and vowel-hating-artist Chip Zdarsky titled Sex Criminals. It follows a woman named Suzie with the inexplicable power to stop time whenever she gets it on. She seems alone in this until she meets John, another intercourse-based time stopper. Together they explore both their abilities and each other, nudge nudge. Oh and they rob banks.

Yes, they becomes bank robbers. The title seems a little on the nose now, doesn't it? I would've called it TIME BONERS, or maybe MATT FRACTION PRESENTS: THE GREAT CHRONO-COITAL CAPER, but I suppose that's why I'm not working for Image. (FUCK BANDITS would've been out of the question, wouldn't it?).

Sex Panels!

"What is comics' The Apartment? What is comics' Some Like It Hot? It doesn't exist," Fraction said at Image Expo earlier this July. "I love the genre in another medium, but it seemed like a completely virgin territory, no pun intended."

Zdarsky wasn't silent on the subject of sexy comic book pages either, "I'm trying to make pages feel like candy, so you want to eat them, but also maybe sleep with them?" he said. "I wanted it to look as fun as it sounds: a bright, punchy book. 'Adult' is too synonymous with 'dark' in comics and I think Matt and I want to make sex fun again ... in the book ... just ... just in the book. Sex should be dark drudgery in real life."

Sex Crime!

Sex Criminals #1 blasts all over store shelves September 4th. Or, for those who can't handle the antici.............. pation, you can preorder it from the July issue of Previews. Get it for the story, get it for the art, get it to scare your super conservative parents, just do it. Not in a sexual way. Well, maybe a little bit. 


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