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Shaun of the Dead Stars in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb

"Shaun and Ed will need more than a cricket bat to defeat the Doof-zombies"
Phineas and Ferb along with Shaun of the Dead are two projects no one would consider overlapping. Yet, Disney will be presenting Night of the Living Pharmacists in the upcoming Phineas and Ferb episode. phineas-and-shaun-02 The Halloween special will guest star Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The zombie fighting duo will be cartoonified as they try to escape the highly contagious Doof-zombies in the town of Danville. Well, it might be payback from zombiefying Phineas (Vincent Martella) in The Walking Dead. Doofenshmirtz is at his old antics again as his latest –inators goes awry yet again. In the short clip, Shaun (Pegg) and Ed (Frost) find themselves surrounded by Doof-zombies, while plundering the logic behind turning into a pharmacist once touched. Of course, nothing labeled “Night of the…” will be complete without George A. Romero. The zombie master will also guest star as a reporter. The one-hour Phineas and Ferb special will premiere on Disney Saturday, October 4 at 8pm.


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