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Sony Computer Entertainment Officially Acquires Gaikai

After being rumored for what seems to be months, Sony Computer Entertainment finally pulled the trigger and announced today that they acquired Gaikai for 380 million. Galkai is a cloud-based gaming company from Aliso Viejo, CA and this is big for Sony to establish a premier cloud-gaming service for the future. SCE promises that this new service will allow users to enjoy various types of content, whether it be games, movies, or music, anytime, anywhere on Sony supported devices. This is also big in the next generation of consoles, which will likely be the time frame Sony and Gaikai's work comes together. Gaikai CEO David Perry is no stranger to the video game industry, since he is a veteran in the world for a long time and he's excited to work with Sony on bringing what Gaikai does best in terms of cloud-based gaming to Sony products.

The original rumor regarding Sony and Gaikai was that Sony would buy them so they can bring more Playstation 1 and even Playstation 2 games by a cloud-based service, but Sony denied that. It is still a possibility however that backlog releases from past Playstation generations can still come out even though Sony has been releasing PS1 and PS2 games little by little on the Playstation Store. Below is a video of Gaikai doing a demonstration at Google's IO conference last week before the Sony acqusition was made official. Cloud-based gaming has been a big topic among industry folks for the next console generation and it is nice to see Sony jump on the train in a big way by buying one of the premier companies in Gaikai.


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