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Sony Japan Announces ‘rain’ for PlayStation Network

PlayStation's Gamescom press conference revealed three new games that players will be able to get his or her hands on in the future. One of the few that debuted at Gamescom was the previously rumored rain. A story about a little boy lost in an invisible world, rain is the current title for a puzzle/adventure/platformer developed by Sony Japan's studio.

The announcement trailer for rain™ opens with Claude Debussy's "Clair De Lune" playing in the background. The story of the boy is explained in the trailer as we find out he saw a girl's silhouette in a downpour and when we went to find her, became lost and invisible in this world that is revealed by falling rain. The trick with this game is that players can only see the boy when rain drops fall on him, so the level of interaction is a bit different and possibly complex. Players must work with seeing and interacting with people and objects that become visible due to the rain. When it is not raining, the boy cannot be seen but his interaction with the environment is apparent (i.e., making ripples and splashes in puddles).

We currently know that the game will be a PlayStation Network exclusive, but are awaiting more details.


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