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Sony’s The Unfinished Swan Gets Final Release Date

Sony finally announced their release plans for their exclusive downloadable title, The Unfinished Swan. The game will be released on October 23 for $15, but Playstation Plus owners will get it one week earlier. There is no word yet from Sony themselves whether or not it will get a Plus discount when they get it on the 16th. This is an unique and artistic downloadable title developed by Giant Sparrow, but overseen by Sony Santa Monica, that impressed critics at E3. Not much has been revealed since then other than brief trailers like the one below. One of the core gameplay aspects in this game is about painting an all-white world in the first-person perspective to proceed through the storyline. The Unfinished Swan comes out on October 23 only for the Playstation 3 with Move controller support, but still playable on the regular Dual Shock 3.


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