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Space Marine getting Dreadnought DLC

Dreadnoughts are coming to Space Marine next week in the titles next big DLC update.

Simply titled “The Dreadnought” the new dlc is an additional multiplayer mode called Dreadnought Assault that will allow players to take control of the lumbering hunks of metal and raw firepower on either the standard Space Marine or the previous dlcs’s newer Chaos maps.   Along with the new mode comes 3 new maps; Desolation, Dome Mechanicus and Chem Refinery.  Costing 800 Microsoft points or $9.99 US players will be able to grab the new dlc on January 25 on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam.  Additionally all players will get access to the new Capture and Control mode for free on the dlcs launch.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back to Space Marine. The co-op mode was a bit of a let-down but multiplayer sure was fun so perhaps this dlc will be a nice reason to do so.


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