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Spinal Now Out in Killer Instinct, Fulgore Teased in Latest Trailer

Today is a big day for Killer Instinct fans as Spinal is finally playable alongside a patch that includes classic costumes for Sabrewulf and Glacius, minor changes to some of the characters, and the implementation of a new system addressing the ragequitting issue. The trailer released yesterday by Double Helix Games, which you can watch below, not only shows Spinal in action, but also tease the eighth character out in March, which is Fulgore.

Spinal retains most of what made him an unique character from the previous games in this Xbox One iteration. The skulls mechanic do make him stand out from the rest of the current cast. In addition, he pretty much has all the tools to be capable of being a pretty good character for the tournament scene. From teleports, a divekick (that is unsafe when blocked), a slide that can be used as a combo opener, and a dangerous projectile game, Spinal is indeed a dangerous character when used to his full potential.
However, today's patch is filled with numerous and unfortunate issues. The big issue involves Double Helix's new system addressing the ragequitting issue that has plagued online matches. This new system has players with a disconnect rate of over 15% be put in "jail." Popular PC games have something similar to this for their online matchmaking. Players in jail last for a good amount of time before going back to regular matchmaking. You can still play ranked matches online against the opposition, but you'll be matched up against other players in jail. Unfortunately, random game crashes also count as ragequits to this system as I personally experienced this twice today. After my first crash of the day, I was sent to jail. Double Helix Games are aware of the new issues the ragequit sytsem provided along with the other bugs that popped up alongside today's patch as they will have a fix ready as soon as possible.
So for those excited to play Killer Instinct today with the release of Spinal, don't expect a smooth ride playing it for a few days.


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