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Square-Enix Announces F2P Multiplayer Game Nosgoth

After ten years of silence, the Legacy of Kain setting is rising from a dormant grave; though don't expect to find yourself once again controlling the vampire anti-hero Kain in another action-adventure. Developed by Psyonix, Nosgoth will resurrect the realm which the Legacy of Kain series resided in through a 3rd-person player-verus-player multiplayer title.

Nosgoth will be set in the time period following Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver during a war between humans and vampires. Though this historical period for the domain of Nosgoth was not explored throughout the fiveĀ Legacy of Kain titles, Psyonix and Square-Enix are also developing a meta-game outside of the multiplayer battles which will bring shape this vacant era.

"On top of the core multiplayer experience, you can also participate in the larger war for Nosgoth; you'll be able to ally with humans or vampires and directly impact the outcome of the war and the future of this era in Nosgoth's history," said Corey Davis, Game Director for Nosgoth.

However, the game play which has been shown in the announcement trailer suggests that above all else, Nosgoth will be an online team-deathmatch between humans and vampires set in a 3rd-person perspective with similar archetypal classes that are unique while off-setting. Currently each faction has three class archetypes; a stealthly assassin, a tank, and a support class. But that is where the similarities end. For humans, their lethality is best expressed at range or through sabotage utilizing weapons and traps; while the vampires are weapons that fight in closer quarters.

"The humans have an arsenal of deadly weapons and hunting gear like explosive traps and bombs, the vampires can climb buildings and leap between roof tops, drop down on humans and tear them apart," said Dave Hagewood, Psyonix's Head of the Studio.

Humans will have bows, crossbows, and an alchemical hand-cannon as their primary armaments between the Scout, Hunter, and Alchemist (whom can also heal team mates).

Vampires on the other hand will wield nothing but their deadly appendages. Sentinels will have limited flying abilities due to their wings allowing them to soar over the battle space to drop down on unsuspecting humans, from their you can either render them asunder or grapple them as you continue upward dropping your victim like Icarus back to the ground. The Tyrant and Reaver classes fulfill the tank and stealth roles for vampires, killing through brute force or evisceration.

"We've taken the ruthless war between these two sides and built an online multiplayer game around it, focusing on the distinctive way both races fight against each other," added Davis.

Registration for closed beta is now open and a question-and-answer session will be held September 30, 2013 10AM PDT on the Nosgoth stream.


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