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Square-Enix Says That Final Fantasy Versus XIII Still Exists

Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in development limbo to the point it was quietly cancelled. Last week, rumors were circulating that the highly anticiapted entry in the legendary franchise was indeed cancelled considering we haven't heard what is the latest with it in a while. Today, however, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada officially denied all of those rumors on his Twitter account. He also clarified that he was just in a meeting about the game seeing some new stuff about the towns. The title is still in production despite the fact it was originally announced back in 2006.

We are expected to hear new details on the future of the Final Fantasy franchise at Japan during their 25th anniversary event in from August 31 to September 2. Hopefully, we will get some new information on Versus XIII like some new footage and whether or not its close to being done. One of the things that also will be talked about there is the future of the Final Fantasy XIII storyline, even though they are likely going to confirm that Final Fantasy XIII-3 exists. For those that played through XIII-2, you pretty much know that it is coming eventually. Anyway, Square-Enix fans that have been waiting forever can rest easy knowing that Versus XIII still exists and it is not cancelled. The trailer below was the last time a good amount of footage of shown of the game, which came out last year.


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