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Star Bright and the Looking Glass this November

In a culture that’s saturated with fairy tale re-imaginings (and returns to the Grimm sentiments) and fractured fairy tales like Shrek, it’s refreshing to see that there are some who are working on new fairy tales.  Jonathan Luna’s new fairy tale will be called Star Bright and the Looking Glass.  It’s about a young woman who lives in the forest and so has never looked into a mirror before.  One day she comes across one and realizes how beautiful she is and causing her to fall victim to vanity.  Presumably she’ll act like a jerk for a while before a wicked sorceress steals her beauty.

The fairy tale is an all ages book, so if you were looking for a comic you could share with the younger ones while also containing a new story with new characters rather than the usual caped crusaders, this sounds like a great book to pick up.  

Look for Star Bright and the Looking Glass in stores November.  The 72-page book is available for pre-order this month, so speak with your local comic book shop to reserve your own copy.


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