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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Promises an Epic Blockbuster With Its New Trailer

Proving unequivocally to be one of the most powerful forces when it comes to recent online buzz, upcoming summer blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness has reached another level of spine-tingle with its new international trailer. Essentially, it seems to both possess its cake and be devouring it as well. 

The main focus of most of the prior marketing material has been on the mysterious villain (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his equally mysterious (and clearly sinister) plot, but this clip certainly heightens the level of intensity and tosses in even more intimidating, badass lines. Having been recently re-watching the Cumberbatch-starrer Sherlock and now being subjected to more of his character here, I couldn’t be more excited or impressed by the transformation. 

Aside from its villainous focus, the trailer also provides some slick new footage which certainly puts more focus on destruction, chiefly that of London (ironically the city Sherlock Holmes calls home) and The Enterprise, which seems to have seen better days. Also elaborated upon are the stakes, and exactly what they entail. If all of this chaos wasn’t enough, we learn that a good portion of high-ranking officials are gunned down during a meeting and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) has his eyes set on revenge. 

If this antagonist plays as significant a role (in regards to both screen time and future importance) it will also be exciting to see how he ties to Kirk, if at all. The (brief) heroic actions of his father in the first film wouldn’t seem to be related, so what more will be uncovered about the family history of Kirk, of Starfleet, or of both. 

The J.J. Abrams sci-fi epic will land in theaters May 17 and be sure to tell us what you think of the latest trailer.



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