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Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Promises Grit and a Great Villain

Following much anticipation on the blockbuster front, fanboy favourite director J.J. Abrams and his troupe have finally unveiled the first footage for the sequel to 2009’s surprise hit Star Trek with Star Trek Into Darkness. Among the intriguing visuals, it’s safe to say that it’s new villain Benedict Cumberbatch providing some sinister commentary that looks to make this one of 2013’s films to beat (or at least be super jazzed for). 

After the longer than expected gap between reboot and sequel (four years to be exact) Star Trek Into Darkness, finally has something to boast with the first teaser trailer for the sci-fi actioner. Without even considering all the “is he or isn’t he?” chat about this film’s villain being Khan, this teaser is a slick entity from start to finish and one that should enliven fanboys and causal viewers alike. 

Although still stingy on plot details, the foreboding visuals and oppressive narration from Benedict Cumberbatch’s antagonist is the quintessential example of how to ramp up hype and induce those oh-so-rare cinematic shivers. 

What those familiar with Cumberbatch’s work on the phenomenal Sherlock over at BBC will immediately glean, is that both his look and delivery are nothing close to that of the famed detective he so effortlessly embodies on TV. Geeky awkwardness has been swapped for clean-cut intimidation and the trademark analysis of Scotland Yard’s most auspicious tool for a cool and calculating premise: revenge.

Similar to Ben Kingsley’s appearance in the teaser for Iron Man 3, this villainous tidbit is a little something different from what was expected (by myself at least). Quite honestly I don’t know what I was anticipating in particular, but this certainly was a departure from … whatever.

Despite any studio back-peddling on the matter, with the threats promised and the epic scope on display, it’s looking more and more likely that Star Trek Into Darkness will introduce the most famed and revered antagonist from its canon. And even if I’m still mistaken, we still have Khan to look forward to in any forthcoming sequels. 

Aside from the narration, other content in the trailer includes quick-cuts with Captain Kirk and Spock running through a red-leafed extraterrestrial jungle, the Enterprise emerging from the ocean and what looks like an attack on an Earthly city. These are all nuggets that promise an epic, and one significantly darker than the previous otherworldly adventure offered by this franchise. 


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