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StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm’s Final Release Date Announced

Blizzard has announced the final release date for the long awaited Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm today.The highly anticipated expansion is now coming out on March 12, 2013 for the PC and Mac, which is good timing for Activision because their fiscal quarter ends on March 31. Heart of the Swarm will cost $40 at retailers and digitally on Blizzard's Starcaft web site. There is also a Collector's Edition coming out on that same day for $80 at retailers and digitally featuring a variety of in-game bonus items such as the Torrasque unit, soundtrack, art book, and more.

The expansion has been on beta for quite a while on the multiplayer side of things, but players that have been looking forward to continue the campaign where Wings of Liberty left off now have a date to watch out for. The next year can be the sign of a new push for Starcraft II fans and players with Heart of the Swarm coming out in March. Perhaps, the new expansion is enough to make Starcraft IIĀ the premier real-time strategy game again in the world of e-sports. We will see if that is the case when Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm comes out on March 12, 2013 for the PC and Mac.


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