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‘Staten Island Summer’ to Premier in Theaters on July 24

For those missing Saturday Night Live on weekends, there's no need to fret, on July 24th Weekend Update Co-Host, Colin Jost, will premier his new coming-of-age film Staten Island Summer. 
Centering around a group of life guards at the Great Kills Swim Club, these misfits decide to throw the party of their lives before they move on to bigger and better things at college in the fall. Simply put, the face value of Jost's rookie film appears to be a tamer Superbad.
The star studded class includes numerous SNL alumni, and current cast members such as, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Fred Armisen, Will Forte and Kate McKinnon. Starring along side these prestigious actors as the father is, the man who seems like a funnier version of most people's real father, Jim Gaffigan.
[caption id="attachment_72726" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Staten Island Summer Staten Island Summer[/caption]
The film will have a short lived run in theaters from the 24th-30th, and then immediately will be streamed on Netflix.
"I'm very happy that Staten Island Summer has found the perfect home," producer Lorne Michaels said. "Netflix has quickly become the biggest supporter of what's new and exciting in comedy."
Just like any coming-of-age film, the premise  may seem quite redundant and trite, however, SNL, and Jost specifically, always seem to find a way to create a humorous satire on an over-done genre.


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