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Street Fighter V’s 2nd Beta Dates Announced

"Cross platform play the big focus for this phase"
Capcom has announced the dates for Street Fighter V's second beta phase for both Playstation 4 and PC. It starts on October 22nd and ends on the 25th (24th and 25th for PC folks). Characters from the first phase won't be playable as the more recently revealed characters get their turn for this next one, so Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika are selectable along with Rashid and Karin being added on the 23rd & 24th respectively to test out content rollout again.

The big test for this next phase is cross platform play between the Playstation 4 and PC versions, which starts on the 24th. Improved matchmaking, player searches as seen from the Capcom Fighters Network announcement last month and fight money unlockables for more titles as well as the Kanzuki Estate stage (pictured above) are also slated to be featured in this Street Fighter V beta.
Unfortunately the recently announced return of Zangief won't be in this beta, but he is playable at New York Comic-Con and the SoCal Regionals tournament this weekend. We'll still have to wait for the official reveal for newcomer Laura despite Famitsu leaking screenshots of her last week.
Hopefully this global beta period goes smoothly considering it took a while for Capcom to get the first beta phase right and running, but they stressed before that this is still a beta and not gonna be representative of the final product. I'll have new impressions of Street Fighter V later this month here on Entertainment Fuse.


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