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Street Fighter V August & September Updates Detailed

"But When's Urien Capcom?"
Capcom this morning has details on updates for Street Fighter V for the next couple months. Some long awaited features are finally coming along with more fixes to the ragequit system. However, they didn't mention anything about the last DLC character Urien yet. Maybe more and playable at Gamescom later this week? maxresdefault (5) First off this month is another update to the ragequit system. Players still have been ragequitting online matches without any harsh penalty (shoutouts to the #1 player online). Capcom's new penalty for ragequitting is a loss of league points and a lockout from online matchmaking for a set time. This is not the final system for it however as Capcom as more plans for ragequitters early next year. Next month will finally see a Vs. CPU mode as well as the long awaited daily target challenges. In addition, double fight money weekends will be make their debut on September 2nd-4th. Those still struggling to unlock more stages and colors can take advantage of those even though 100 FM per online match isn't enough honestly. Lastly, colors can be bought for normal and story mode costumes for real money if you still can't beat survival mode on harder difficulties like me. Let's hope they're more afforadable than that Capcom Pro Tour package. Season pass folks do get free colors for the DLC characters' normal and battle costumes at least. I'm guessing that Capcom has more in store for Street Fighter fans at Gamescom along with their other games out this holiday season. We'll see if they show off Urien in a official capacity later this week.


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