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Street Fighter V Beta Detailed

"E3 Build, New Stage, Online Only"
The online beta for Street Fighter V is coming out on July 23rd only for Playstation 4 and Capcom detailed what to expect from it content-wise. If you want to play this five-day beta, you have to preorder at certain retailers like GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon, or digitally through PSN. If from retailers, a beta key will be e-mailed on the 20th so if you can download it before it starts. PSN folks just need to download the cilent when it's ready on the 20th.

The characters playable in this beta are the same as the E3 build, but Birdie and Cammy will be out on the 25th because Capcom wanted to test out new content rollout in an online atmosphere. The netcode is the primary focus of this beta, so there's no local versus mode, only online matches. While waiting for a match to start, you'll be placed in a training stage (the infamous training stage from the Street Fighter IV games... great, I can't wait to see this a lot at future tournaments) to practice up before finding someone to play.
A new stage is included in this beta along with the two seen at E3 last month, which is the New Zealand-looking Forgotten Waterfall. Capcom also say only PS4 controllers and joysticks are usable for this beta with no PS3 controller support, but they're still looking into it for the final release.

Street Fighter V's beta starts on July 23rd and I'll have my hands-on impressions of the game so far then too. The game is still ways off coming out sometime in 2016 for Playstation 4 and PC.


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