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Street Fighter V Nash Trailer, Online Beta Announced

"Nash "or Charlie" returns, a familiar villain gets teased & an online beta?!?"
Capcom released this new trailer for the highly anticipated Street Fighter V out of nowhere earlier today showing off the return of Nash, aka Charlie from the Alpha series. However, this ain't the Nash you remember from those games as you can see from the video below.

First of all, the game is significantly looking better since we last saw it at Capcom Cup 2014 and the Taipei Game Show. It is following a similar trajectory to when Street Fighter IV was first revealed not looking so hot, but coming together by the time it was released in arcades and consoles. Nash has his trademark sonic booms and flash kicks from the early Versus games, but now he has a teleport game for mixups once he activates a trait of sorts similar to Killer Instinct's instinct mode. From past trailers, Ryu gets an electric effect with his attacks while Chun-Li gets a water effect with her's with this gameplay feature. It is still unknown how Nash got these new powers and how he's back in the first place, but he is indeed looking sharp so far.
Also teased at the end is the return of the series' original villain, M. Bison. Who knows he has planned this time around especially with Nash's comeback. Capcom did announce an online beta for those that pre-order the game, which is actually refreshing to see. We'll see it playable at future events, conventions, and major fighting game tournaments, but for those that can't make it to them, this online beta is the next best thing especially for netcode testing.
Street Fighter V is still ways off coming only to Playstation 4 as far as consoles are concerned and the PC with cross platform play, but I'm sure we will see lots more of this sequel throughout the year.


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