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Street Fighter V Online Beta Postponed

""Press Any Button" wins for now"
After days of server issues, Capcom has decided to postpone the Street Fighter V beta until they fell confident it's in a stable state. The beta for those that pre-ordered from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy or PSN, had a shaky start on Thursday night when players couldn't get past the title screen. The main purpose of this first phase for Capcom is to test the online play and matchmaking, but clearly didn't expect the servers being overloaded from the get go full of players itching to get their hands-on on an early build of the game.

Folks were able to get in the online training mode for minutes before getting kicked out of the beta due to server issues. Matches were rarely found while players were practicing up. Throughout the four days, I only played training mode for about a hour and had two online matches while others had better luck.
No timetable has been set when this phase of the beta will come back, but Capcom did say that it won't count towards the planned three phases. They overestimated the demand of players willing to play it as early as possible even as a pre-order bonus and hopefully this is a lesson for them getting the data they needed for the future beta phases.

Capcom plans to give out an in-game incentive as a gift for players that were to participate in the initial period. This has been the second time this summer that Street Fighter fans had to deal with unfortunate disappointment. Ultra Street Fighter IV's PS4 port that was developed by Other Ocean launched with numerous bugs and issues, but has been patched up recently to be on par with the Xbox 360 version (now the version used for the rest of this year's Capcom Pro Tour events). The beta being a pre-order bonus has irked fans, but the business side of these type of offerings being tied to that can be talked about in a later time since it's more of an industry-wide issue.
When the Street Fighter V beta comes back and the server issues hopefully will be resolved, I'll have my hands-on impressions of it soon.


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