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Street Fighter V’s June Update Detailed

"Cinematic story mode surprises and other changes to Capcom's marquee fighter"
Let's just say it has been a rough couple months for Capcom with Street Fighter V. From the lack of communication with the userbase that they started to improve in the last week, Capcom Pro Tour drama and Ibuki not coming out last month as previously planned., the mishandling of this game's surroundings has been heavily documented. June is promised to be the game's biggest month with cinematic story mode and Ibuki as Capcom talked more about details on it's Unity web site. xOIN7Xs The "Shadow Falls" story mode update is still slated for late June for free and it should take players about three to four hours to play through it. M. Bison's latest plan with Shadaloo involves seven "Black Moons"as it is up Ryu, Ken and the rest of the world warriors to prevent Bison's plan from going into fruition. The big surprising announcement about story mode is that all six DLC characters will be playable, yes even Balrog, Juri and Urien. Capcom did say that those characters are still slated to come out in their respective months as they won't be tournament ready in story mode. At least we'll be able to mess around them in a trial period of sorts. There is also an unlockable Extra difficulty for those that beat cinematic story mode in Normal. From early hands-on impressions, the fights last as long as the current story mode fights, which are one round and opponents being beaten in quick seconds. It makes me wonder if Capcom should of take a page out of Arc System Works' playbook with Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, which I'm currently reviewing, and letting you just watch it instead without gameplay. So far, it is looking more like Mortal Kombat X's but not as seamless and QTE driven. UW5ZpfE There is also more changes coming to the store in Street Fighter V's June update. Remember Capcom's plan of implementing a zenny system to use real money to buy content? That's not happening anymore as they're going back with what they did with the Street Fighter IV series letting you buy something outright. Characters, stages, and costumes can still be unlocked via in-game fight money, but if you're not willing to grind out matches and the other modes, you can just spend real money to save time. The pre-order costumes that retailers had exclusive will also finally be available to purchase for everyone as well. Still in the works however are daily challenges, now called "Targets," to earn more fight money along with extra battle and versus CPU modes. Street Fighter V was definitely unfinished and not as polished when it came out in Februray, but Capcom has been doing what they can to make it more of a complete package now. Is it too little too late however? It's early to say with this story mode addition, but at least the game is on sale this week on the Playstation Store if you haven't bought it yet.


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