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Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced

At the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Grand Finals event today, Capcom has announced a new game that both Street Fighter and Mega Man fans will enjoy. Street Fighter X Mega Man is a downloadable PC game coming out on December 17th for free. Mega Man is back again taking on new challengers 8-bit style.

These new challengers are actually Street Fighter characters with their signature moves intact. Once defeated, Mega Man can use their special moves like Ryu's Hadouken against other bosses. The Street Fighter characters shown in the trailer below so far as bosses are Ryu, Chun-Li, Rose, Blanka, Dhalsim, and more. December 17th is also Mega Man's 25th birthday as Capcom will announce more details regarding its 25th anniversary at that date. Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available to download from Capcom Unity for free on December 17th.


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