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Suicide Squad #6 will be getting a second printing

Suicide Squad #6 will be getting a second printing as the entire first run has been sold out.  This was not a shock to your author as I had already written off this series because I didn’t like the characters or the writing, but even so I bought a copy of this issue.  The reason: they were delving into Harley Quinn’s origin story.  Those of us who have been Batman fans since the 90s know the outlines of how she came to love Joker and become his lackey, but this issue promised to go even deeper.  Additionally, the story tied in with the first arc of Detective Comics.  And, while I despised every part of this issue that didn’t have Harley (convincing me that I was right to drop the book from my pull list), I’ll be buying issue #7 to see how the story ends.  

If you missed out, you can get your copy of the second printing on 21 March.


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