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Summer Glau Is Set For a Guest Appearance On Arrow’s Second Season

Sci-Fi favorite Summer Glau is set to appear as a guest star in the upcoming season of the new show Arrow. Arrow premiered this past season on the CW and gained a cult following with the fantasy and sci-fi crowd. Glau has previously been seen on a large number of TV shows, some with starring roles including Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly, both of which were on Fox. She has also had notable guest appearances on popular shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Dollhouse, Grey's Anatomy and Chuck.

Production for Arrow's second season began this past week in Vancouver and sci-fi fans will certainly be glad to hear of this news as they prepare for the premiere, set for October 9th. Summer Glau will play the role of Isabel Rochev, the attractive and dangerous Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, which is a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated. Isabel is from a small village in Siberia, where she worked in a diamond mine. From there, she fell in love with Robert Queen and became determined to make something more of herself. After the death of her husband years later, she became the CEO of Queen Industries, corrupted Star City, and seems to be content on killing Oliver (Stephen Amell), the star of the show. In the finale of season one, Oliver defeated Malcolm Merlyn, who was known as the Dark Archer, but unfortunately not until after some of the city had been destroyed (his best friend also died). 

It seems that the show has also strayed away from what the comics had originally depicted, which is not surprising as TV shows and movies often take some liberties when they are adapted from a book or comic book. Who knows what type of character she will end up playing? Tune in for season two this fall and find out. Those that are familiar with Glau's previous work will be especially excited to see her in a new role too!

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