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Superhero Anime, Tiger and Bunny: The Rising gets a Theatrical Release in the US.

Eleven Arts is planning to release the sequel film to the hit Tiger and Bunny anime TV series across the US in select cities. Tiger and Bunny: The Rising is a direct sequel to the TV series, that aired in Japan in 2011. The series focuses on Sternbuild City, a place where corporations sponsor superheroes, for a reality TV show, called Hero TV. The main characters are a duo, who get paired up, even though they don't get along or always see eye to eye. Kotetsu Kaburagi is a washed out superhero, who clings to the past and believes in justice. Barnaby Brooks is driven to become a superhero to avenge his parents deaths. Together, the duo make up Tiger and Bunny, one of the most successful groups to come out of Sternbuild. T&Bmovie_B1 The previous film, Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning, was a compilation of the first 13 episodes of the TV series. Viz Media has the U.S. distribution rights and has released both the TV series and the first film on both DVD and Blu-Ray. Tiger and Bunny: The Rising will be released in theaters in March. You can find listings here, to see if its playing at a theater near you.


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