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Supernatural Spin-Off Still a Possibility

"The creators should keep their thinking hats on. "
Bloodlines After reading Supernatural: Bloodlines got the boot, it was still clear the creators of Supernatural were still moving forward with another spin-off. Now the hope is that the new spin-off will give Supernatural fans something to look forward to. In its first attempt, the show created one episode revolving around the characters for the new spin-off Bloodlines. The episode aired on April 29 and while the episode worked for one episode, it was a big bust as a series idea. In reality it was another Romeo and Juliet story, while Ennis Ross’ (Lucien Laviscount) life was another Winchester story. It was just a bad idea and mainly because it didn't have that feeling of Supernatural. Personally, a road they should have taken was the yellow brick one with Dorothy and Charlie (Slumber Party episode). supernatural-spinoff-03 There are still many possibilities for the new spin-off and the creators are taking that into account. Writer and producer Jeremy Carver said to TVLine they will “take a couple of episodes to introduce some of the new characters...” This is a different approach from Bloodlines and who knows maybe the fans will get excited. At this point the ideas are limitless and the only thing fans can do is tune in Tuesdays at 9/8c for the search of possible spin-off characters.


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