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Syfy Renews Defiance and Dominion

"Thursday nights hits are back for another round. "
Syfy fans will be happy to know that Defiance and Dominion have been renewed. In fact, the Syfy shows brought Thursday night viewership to 2.7 million. Defiance will premiere its third season, while Dominion will have a second season. sysy-renewals-03 After the war, Defiance is set in 2046 and the people of earth, as well as the other alien races, are trying to coexist. Spoilers: the season two finale brought Irisa back to her old self but with the knowledge of killing Tommy. While on the other side of Defiance are Alak and Christie who get kidnapped by Christie’s long lost mother. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what Datak and Stahma, who have been proven merciless, will do once they catch up. Then there is Dominion, another post-apocalyptic show about a war with Gabriel and his army of lower angels. Under the protection of Archangel Michael, the young savior Alex is on a quest to save humanity. Spoilers: the season finale left Dominion fans with Claire's surprise pregnancy and Alex entering Gabriel’s dwelling. syfy-renewals-02 Both shows will be returning in 2015 and each will have 13 episodes.


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