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Tarantino Shelves The Hateful Eight after Script Leak

After bringing it up on an episode of The Plot Hole, plans for the latest Quentin Tarantino film have fallen by the wayside. Deadline reports that The Hateful Eight, an ensemble western, that would eventually turn into a whodunnit, is no longer, after having the script leaked to all of Hollywood. Tarantino gave a first draft of The Hateful Eight to a few actors, including Tim Roth, Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen, to which one of the actors agents leaked the script after reading it.   Quentin_01   Tarantino's extremely angry about the leak, but it isn't stopping him from getting into the public's hands. Tarantino plans on taking The Hateful Eight and publishing it as a novel, plans that he'd mentioned previously, after he plans on quitting the film industry. What do you guys think? Would you have preferred to see The Hateful Eight on the big screen or will it be an awesome book and start his career as a novelist? Let us know in the comments below!


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