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Ten WWE Superstars Worthy of A 2K Showcase

"Who should of gotten this year or a future's 2K Showcase despite not in WWE 2K17?"
Being a fan since the 90s, I still love watching wrestling. Yuke's games are fun in their own ways despite it's flaws in recent years. WWE 2K16 was recently free on Xbox Live's Games with Gold program and also the first wrestling game I owned since the PS2 era. What I wanted to talk more in that game is the 2K Showcase mode. In past years, WWE's 2K Showcase mode highlighted certain eras in sports entertainment. From the biggest Wrestlemania matches to the game-changing Attitude era, fans got to relive those memories in game form. Last year's focus was on one hall of famer's legendary career, Stone Cold Steve Austin. It's a shame that 2K decided to not have a Showcase in WWE 2K17, but the latest trailer can be seen below. Stone Cold's 2K Showcase mode started from his breakout "Austin 3:16" speech at 1996's King to the Ring to his last in-ring match against The Rock at Wrestlemania XIX. Along the way, his rivalries with Bret Hart, Triple H, The Rock and Vince McMahon were the major highlights. From WWE's stellar video package presentations to bonus matches when he was in WCW and ECW, 2K and Yuke's did a great job retelling the significant points of Austin's career. Now the question is who could be been next to get the 2K Showcase treatment? This year's cover athlete Brock Lesnar is personally not worth it because his WWE career is not as epic as other superstars I will pick here. With that said, here is my list of ten superstars that would be worthy of a 2K Showcase for a future WWE 2K game. goldberg-wwe-wrestlemania-32 1) Goldberg Yes, I would of preferred WWE 2K17's pre-order athlete Goldberg than Brock. Goldberg was more remembered for his dominance in WCW before his one year stint in WWE back in 2003. His career is still substantial enough to be worthy of a 2K Showcase. From his multi-year undefeated streak, winning the belt from Hollywood Hulk Hogan to this WWE matches with The Rock and Triple H, Goldberg had his share of big matches. Okay, locking out a big mode as a pre-order bonus is a big no no today, but this as DLC shortly after launch would of made sense. Despite that omission, fans still can't wait to deliver some spears and jackhammers as Goldberg in this year's game. kurt_angle_pro 2) Kurt Angle Sports entertainment's first ever Olympic gold medalist has been a wrestling machine despite his personal issues over the years. Kurt has been open to finish out his career in WWE, so if that happens sometime soon, 2K Games could take advantage of that as him being a cover athlete for a future game. His 2K Showcase would be reliving his first seven years in WWE. Some of his legendary matches however would be missed due to certain issues. A game with him on the cover would also show off a new or improved submission system as well. cqqgxuaviaesqkk 3) The Women's Revolution This case is a different one. The women in WWE games have been there, but never gotten the spotlight. The recent women's revolution in wrestling is a great opportunity to push for a cover for next year's game. Put Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch on the cover together to highlight this like how NBA 2K games handled some cover athletes in recent years. The women's 2K Showcase mode as I would book it is a history of the greatest women's matches in WWE. Off the top of my head I would put Trish Stratus and Lita's rivalry, Sasha and Bayley's epic Iron Man match from NXT and this year's triple threat match from Wrestlemania. It would be a bold statement for 2K and WWE to pull this off, but I think the time is now and they do deserve it. johncena-3005-759 4) John Cena Speaking of the time is now, John Cena is a no brainer even though he was already a cover athlete in WWE 2K15. As JBL would call him, big match John's career has been special whether you like him or not. He may be on the tail end of his legendary career because of doing more movie and TV show obligations. However if you have been watching his matches the past couple of years, he can still with go the best. There is a lot 2K can do with a Cena showcase from his Thugamonics days to his dream feud with The Rock a couple years back. I'll be curious what 2K decides to leave out though. triple_h_bio 5) Triple H The Game as many call him still buries wrestlers every now and then either by wrestling or his authoritative role. Triple H also had a long career that can be showcased by 2K. Highlighting his beginnings with D-Generation X, rising to the top with the McMahons, dominating the early 00s with Evolution and more, the King of Kings is definitely worthy or reliving his career in game form. Yuke's can do something different with this one especially during his days as the boss. More dialogue choices have the potential to be interesting even though those are meant for Universe or MyCareer modes. wwe-sting-poster-image-cool 6) Sting The Stinger was the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15 and a tease for his long awaited WWE debut. Like Goldberg, Sting's heyday was at WCW, but his various appearance changes can be a theme of his 2K Showcase. He was more remembered as his Crow persona being the #1 enemy of the nWo in the 90s. The hall of famer's time in the WWE can be mentioned as well even though his stint was shortened thanks to Seth Rollins. With guys that had their glory days at WCW, getting the right commentary is going to be tough, but WWE has have crazier things happen before. mick-foley-wwe-645x370 7) Mick Foley The current RAW current manager's wide range of characters is another great idea for a 2K Showcase. Foley's hardcore days as Cactus Jack can be the start of it, but today's fans remember his Mankind character more. Dude Love was also a pivotal point in his career as seen in Stone Cold's Showcase in WWE 2K16. Out of the people in this list, he would be the one down to have a commentary track talking about his high points of his career. I would stop his showcase however at Wrestlemania 2000 because that's when he stopped being in the active roster. Despite that, I like to see his ECW days, the infamous Hell in the Cell match with the Undertaker and the shocking title win against The Rock covered. shawn-michaels-730x400 8) Shawn Michaels The Heartbreak Kid. The Showstopper. Mr. Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels has done it all. From his early days with The Rockers, living the boyhood dream defeating Bret Hart at Wrestlemania, founding DX with Triple H and his later days in the 00s, Shawn has given us so many memories we can relive in a 2K Showcase. I can also see him provide a commentary track of certain points in his career from the Montreal screwjob, his serious back injury, retiring Ric Flair and his last two matches with The Undertaker. We can still tune up the band for some Sweet Chin Music in WWE 2K17, but it would be better to see one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time get the spotlight in this franchise. the-rock-28600286-620x400 9) The Rock Another no brainer that the Brahma Bull deserves a 2K Showcase mode. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson still shows the WWE love from time to time, but his rise to super stardom is worth looking over again in a game. From being the leader of the Nation of Domination, the heel corporate champ for the McMahons and then becoming the People's Champ, Rocky's WWE career was quite a roller coaster. There is so many memorable moments to choose from to revisit. This can work in time for his inevitable Hall of Fame induction whenever that happens. wwe-undertaker-wrestlemania-poster-image-cool 10) Undertaker Last but not least is a man that needs no introduction. The Phenom's 25+ year career remains unmatched to all the other wrestlers. His Wrestlemania streak was something special and can be the big marketing point for this 2K Showcase. However some of his bigger matches didn't happen at Wrestlemania. I wish 2K and Yuke's address those if they decide to do an Undertaker-focused mode. Once again like The Rock, WWE can time this with his Hall of Fame induction, which they should of inducted him already even though he still wants to do one or two more Wrestlemanias. That is it for my list of WWE (former or current) superstars that deserve a 2K Showcase mode. Sure, some of them may not be as good as Stone Cold's last year. 2K and Yuke's should revisit this mode for WWE 2K18, but I can see why this skipped this year. They want to do it right and probably WWE has some say in the deciding process as well. While many of the superstars I mentioned are no brainers, I really wish the women do get the spotlight. EA and UFC did it with Ronda Rousey for EA Sports UFC 2, can WWE do the same? I do hope so sooner than later. Until then, you guys have any other WWE wrestler that deserves a 2k Showcase mode? Let us know in the comments below.


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