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TGS 2014: Killer Instinct Season 2 Maya Trailer

Killer Instinct Season 2's early access period begins on Tuesday with TJ Combo playable, but on it's proper launch date of October 15th, Maya makes her return and we finally have a gameplay trailer up below.

Maya is a returning character from Killer Instinct 2 and her style in this iteration revolves around her knives. She can perform nasty setups with them even on instinct mode. Her stage takes place in the jungle with weather effects and we also hear her theme song done by Mick Gordon, the fantastic composer for both seasons of Killer Instinct. In typical KI trailer fashion, we also get a tease of a new character at the end, which is an original mummy-like guy.
Killer Instinct Season 2 by Iron Galaxy Studios launches on October 15th only for the Xbox One, but the early access period with TJ Combo and gameplay changes to the existing cast begins on Tuesday both at retailers and digitally.


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