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The Black Kiss II Releases this Summer

I’ve never heard of Black Kiss, but the press release, which describes it as: “a hardboiled, erotic series that controversially merged sex, violence, and religion. The story took its protagonist from '80s Los Angeles to the Vatican as he uncovered the secrets of bizarre vampire cult.”  That sounds like a crazy book.  If it sounds like your kind of crazy, then rejoice because Black Kiss II is coming out this summer.  

This second series appears to be a prequel as well as taking place during the first series because it’s described as starting in the early 20th Century and then leading to telling the story that’s behind the events of the original book.

Howard Chaykin also appears to be one of those rare renaissance men that is responsible for every aspect of his book.  Not only does he write it, but he’s also the artist.  The series is in black and white which can sometimes do a better job conveying horror than a full-color comic.

Black Kiss II is out on 1 August 2012 and is rated Mature for graphic depictions of sex.

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