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The Creative Team Behind Night of the Owls Whets Your Appetite

Your author has been looking forward to Night of the Owls for a long, long time.  I really, really like Scott Snyder’s writing style and his pre-New 52 work on Detective Comics was the biggest reason I ended up picking up the Batman titles in the New 52.  Once I found out that Night of the Owls was going to cross over with all the Bat-family titles (except Detective Comics), I couldn’t wait for this week’s #8s to come out - the preludes are featured in Batman #8 and Nightwing #8.  Well, DC Comics’ The Source Blog had to go and tease me even further with the following statements from the creative team of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and James Tynion IV (who will be doing backups on Batman explaining the past).

from Scott Snyder:
"Night of the Owls is here, and it's about time."
I think that's what a lot us on team Batman have been feeling these last few days. Because for us, this is the moment - the moment we've been excitedly working on and building towards for months. This is it, and now it's really here! This is the night when the Court of Owls makes its move, sending close to 60 Talons out into the skies of Gotham, each with a deadly mission designed to help bring the city to its knees. Of course, the missions will also bring the Talons crashing into conflict with almost every member of the Bat-family, and even though this whole story takes place on one single night, for many of Gotham's heroes, these clashes will have terrifying consequences that linger long after Gotham's fate is decided.

"Night of the Owls is here, and it's about time."

There's another reason that phrase sticks with me, though. And that's because the story itself is about time, about history. For one thing, with every Talon having come from a different era of Gotham's past, they'll be plenty of glimpses literally and figuratively into Gotham's history, with a lot of shocking secrets from the past being revealed. Basically, the story is about Gotham's dark past being brought to to bear against the heroes of the present - about the evil from decades, even centuries of corruption emerging from the shadows to crush the spirit of the city - and the Bat-family - once and for all, in one single night, now.
So here's hoping you'll feel the same way we do...
"Night of the Owls is here, and it's about time."
Let the war for Gotham's soul begin.

from Greg Capullo:
You know, I've only been drawing BATMAN for, oh... nine months. In that time, I've had to draw Batman receiving the biggest beat down that I can ever recall. I mean, c'mon already! Stabbed, beaten, deprived of sleep, food and water. Okay, he had water – but it was freakin' drugged! He's seen a vision of his dead folks vomiting owls, he gets stabbed AGAIN (this time with a really BIG knife), has his home invaded...
You know what? I've, I mean, he, er... WE'VE had it! The time has come – way past due – the Batman that we all love shall have his Bat REVENGE!!! And, I promise you, people, no wimpy, play-by-the-rules BS. Oh no. I'm talking a truly satisfying bloodletting is on its way. After pushing Batman all the way to the edge – millimeters from his mental and physical breaking point – he's pushing back. So, get your Kevlar on. We don't want any collateral damage when Batman unleashes all his pent-up pain, fury and vengeance upon these damned goggle wearin', knife totin', little-beaked SOBs who "like hunting Waynes."

Payback's a bitch.

from James Tynion IV:
I could see the epic size and shape of the story as it began last September. I was devouring every issue waiting to see what might happen next. When Scott offered me the chance to help him build the mythology of the Court with the backups, and help launch "Night of the Owls,” how could I have ever said no? The Court and their Talons are my favorite additions to the Bat-Mythos in ages, with each of those awesome assassins offering a glimpse of Gotham's history. We're launching “Night of the Owls” this week in BATMAN #8, and using the back-up to lead right from the action of the feature into the other Bat-family titles with "The Call.” And with "The Fall of the House of Wayne," Scott and I are exploring the pre-Alfred years at stately Wayne Manor, with some incredible art by Rafael Albuquerque. I can't wait for everyone to check it out.


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