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Starz Will Premiere The Evil Dead Series

"Ash vs. The Evil Dead? "
In July’s Comic-Con, Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead franchise, announced he and his brother Ivan were working on an Evil Dead TV series. Now the project is a go and ordered by Starz. In The Evil Dead, a group of friends stay in a cabin where they unleash flesh-possessing demons. The following films involved the survivor Ash (Bruce Campbell) in his battle against the demons. Campbell will once again play his Evil Dead and Army of Darkness character for the series, according to Hollywood Reporter. evil-dead-tv-series-01 Along with the Raimi brothers and Campbell, producer Robert Tapert will also join in on the fun. The series entitled Ash vs. Evil Dead will follow Ash as he spent 30 years avoiding responsibility until the demons, again, threaten humankind. The 10-episode horror comedy series is set to premiere in 2015.


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