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‘The Last Guardian’ Not Abandoned, Says Sony

i don't know what this is
On Thursday, news hit the gaming world that Sony had abandoned its The Last Guardian trademark. Said trademark was classified as "dead" or "abandoned" according to Trademarkia.

"Abandonment Notice! On Monday, August 6, 2012, status on the THE LAST GUARDIAN trademark changed to ABANDONED - NO STATEMENT OF USE FILED. Apply Now for this name starting at $159!

Fortunately, we can continue hoping for the release of this game (whenever that happens) as a Sony representative let US-based journalists—those in-the-know reported the news via Twitter—that The Last Guardian is still in development. The game's development has had a complicated history, with Fumito Ueda's departure, its absence from multiple E3s and its release date being delayed from 2011 to 2012.

screenshot the last guardian
However, no further news was reported, such as what the deal is with the cat-bird-dog-animal thing? No, but really.


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