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The Mocking Dead: Yes, It’s A Satirical Zombie Book

This September Dynamite will be putting out a tounge-in-cheeck (tongue-in-stomach for our zombie friends) take on the zombie genre. While not confirmed, it's probably a safe bet there'll be plenty of puns in this work of biting satire.

Set in a world in the first stages of a zombie apocolypse, the story follows an intrepid intelligence analyst as he begins to realize his real-life events are following a long lost horror flick. He alone must race to save humanity against an unending display of ineptitude that threatens to bring the planet to its knees.

Zombie SMASH!

The comic is being written by Fred Van Lente, who, as the writer of Marvel Zombies, is no stanger to shambling corpses.  Max Dunbar is handling the interior art, and as you can see it's being colored in a black, white, and red color scheme.

Here's what States Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci thinks:

"We sat down, we pitched Fred our idea, he liked it and came back with his voice.  I cannot wait for fans to read this.  It's going to be a fun ride!  A fun ride with lots of bites, death, and everything that comes in a zombie story ;-)"

Mocking Dead

Wink emoticon indeed. Look for Dynamite's bloody ride this September both digitally and in print. There's also a whole mess of variant covers like a Zombie Caution cover by Bill Tortolini as well as a Subscription only cover from Max Dunbar himself.

Zombie fever, catch it! Seriously though, no, please don't catch zombie fever. It's catastrophically dangerous.


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