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The Plot Hole: Episode 100! – A Record Breaking June and the Curious Case of the Movie Doppelganger

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Well, as the movie gods would have it we don’t have anything momentous to discuss on our 100th anniversary of chatting movie nonsense but what we’re lacking in jaw-droppers we make up for in charm and style! Probably. 

We’ve got everything from a new Terminator trilogy to some behind the scenes drama over at Legendary Pictures to analyzing the movie doppelganger trend and a slew more (including the official launch of some new features). 

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Episode Guide 

A New Terminator Trilogy Discussion – 2:00
Legendary Pictures and the Future of Hellboy – 7:55
Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down – The Reason Behind the Doppelganger Trend – 18:20
The Stream: Last Circus – 31:18
Looking Back at a Record Breaking June – 39:55
The Prospects of Disney’s The Lone Ranger – 43:45
The Plot Seat: A Rolland Emmerich Roll Call – 51:48 


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