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The Plot Hole: Episode 101 – A Plea to Hollywood and a Review of The Lone Ranger

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Amidst some interesting first trailers and a promising look at Jamie Foxx as villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we hone in on the state of the blockbuster budget and make a plea to major studios (chiefly Disney) to manage their millions a lot better. 

Then we’ll cap things off with a review of the summer’s big miss The Lone Ranger and a superior sequel surprise with V/H/S/2. 

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Episode Guide 

Trailer Bonanza – 0:41
   - Oldboy Trailer Discussion – 0:55
   - Seventh Son Trailer Discussion – 7:44
   - The Canyons Trailer Discussion – 11:19
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: First Official Electro Images – 15:14
Legendary Pictures Finds a New Home – 17:45
The State of the Hollywood Blockbuster Budget – 22:22
The Lone Ranger Review – 34:34
V/H/S/2 Review – 41:58
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 48:05
The Plot Seat: Name That Flop – 49:15


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