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The Plot Hole: Episode 105 – Dollars and Hollywood and a Cast of Expendable Characters

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We know Hollywood is all about the $$$ but recently we’ve had news of some huge potential paydays for equally huge stars – everyone from Hugh Jackman to Christian Bale. 

We’ve also got news on the final line-up for The Expendables 3, developments in the world of Marvel and much more. 

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Episode Guide 

The Final Line-up for The Expendables 3 – 1:46
Money and Hollywood – 4:05
- Bruce Willis and $1M a Day – 4:15
- Hugh Jackman Offered $100M For Four More Wolverine Films? – 6:56
- Christian Bale Offered $60M for Batman Vs Superman? – 9:34
- World War Z is Now Brad Pitt’s Highest Grossing Film. What!? – 13:00
A Look at the Ambitious Plans of Marvel Studios – 16:50
The Monuments Men Trailer Discussion – 22:21
Blue Exorcist: The Movie Review – 25:25
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 32:15


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