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The Plot Hole: Episode 111 – Everything Gravity, A First Look at Godzilla and Remembering Tom Clancy

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The highly anticipated space thriller Gravity has finally arrived and with it accolades all round. This week on The Plot Hole we talk director Alfonso Cuaron’s latest feature along with its use of 3D, the state of the format and the underlying themes at play. 

We’ll begin with, however, a tribute to the late great Tom Clancy whose works have transcended platforms, see what director Quentin Tarantino thinks is worth your time in 2013 and chat trailers for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, I, Frankenstein and Godzilla. 

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Episode Guide 

The Legacy of Author, Espionage Pioneer and Video Game Mogul Tom Clancy – 3:30
What are Quentin Tarantino’s 10 Favourite Movies of the Year? – 12:38
I, Frankenstein Trailer Discussion – 16:00
Godzilla Trailer Discussion – 19:26
Gravity Review and Discussion – 23:32
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 56:00


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