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The Plot Hole: Episode 115 – Thor: The Dark World Review and Potential Casting News for Star Wars 7 and Wonder Woman

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Thanks to an early overseas release (and plenty of hype validating a trip to the theater) we've got an early review of superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World for you this week on The Plot Hole.

Along with that momentous analysis, we have exciting news about Star Wars: Episode VII casting, which filmmaker may be directing Star Trek 3, and some hot superhero movie casting to tie everything together.

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Episode Guide 

Labor Day Trailer Discussion – 4:50
Star Wars: Episode VII Casting News – 9:25
Star Trek 3 Director Rumours – 13:27
Wonder Woman Casting Rumours – 17:22
Thor: The Dark World Review – 22:00
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 28:47


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