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The Plot Hole Episode 46

The Hunger Games has arrived and it’s the biggest movie of the year. Along with a review and discussion, Steven, Sam and Simon look into what upcoming young-adult-geared films and optioned books could be the next big thing.

The gang starts things out with news that the Carrie remake is moving forward and Chloe Moretz has been offered the main role. Do we think she is a good fit? To find out, check it all out on our streaming podcast page http://www.playeraffinity.com/podcast.html and tune in next week for our April movie preview.

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Episode Guide

Carrie Remake News – 4:54
The Host Trailer Discussion – 11:26
The Seventh Son Movie Discussion – 18:52
Beautiful Creatures Movie Discussion – 25:00
The (Potential) Next Hunger Games – The Fourth Realm & Starters – 31:38
The Hunger Games Review/Discussion – 45:51
Box Office/Out Next Week – 1:14:10


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