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The Plot Hole Episode 48

This week on The Plot Hole we’ve got a fresh slate of movie news including which directors are vying for the Captain America 2 job and which monster movie property is getting a reboot at Universal.

We also chat the trailer for Savages, the upcoming actioner from director Oliver Stone, and whether Gary Ross of The Hunger Games will return for the sequel (and if it matters or not). The gang rounds things off with a look at the MPAA’s decision to slap acclaimed documentary Bully with an “R” rating for a few expletives, before fittingly reviewing gore-filled Indonesian actionier The Raid: Redemption.

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Episode Guide

The Mummy Reboot News – 7:18
Savages Trailer Discussion – 12:47
Captain America 2 Director Shortlist News – 19:04
Will The Hunger Games Director Gary Ross Return for Catching Fire? – 26:45
MPAA and the Bully Rating Controversy – 41:21
The Raid: Redemption Review – 56:09
Wrap-up/Out Next Week – 1:06:40




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