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The Plot Hole Episode 49

It’s a news extravaganza this week on The Plot Hole, with plenty of buzzed-about projects taking center stage. First we discuss the very intriguing teaser trailer for upcoming sci-fi action flick Looper, followed by a chat about the main villain for Iron Man 3 as well as two new star-studded, high-profile thrillers. Also, after the shocker that was Gary Ross’ resignation from The Hunger Games franchise, we look at the three rumoured directors shortlisted to replace him.

Ending with a genre-focussed, fanboy wet dream, Sam brings us a review of meta-horror flick The Cabin in the Woods (a fun ride best left unspoiled) and Steven talks sci-fi thriller Lockout, which may not be as bad as reviews indicate.

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Episode Guide

Looper Trailer Discussion – 4:02
Ben Kingsley to be Iron Man 3’s villain; who will he play? – 10:35
Out of the Furnace Casting Discussion – 20:48
The Counsellor Casting Discussion – 26:40
Robocop Remake Casting Discussion – 31:30
The Hunger Games Sequel Director Shortlist – 38:38
The Cabin in the Woods Review – 47:09
Lockout Review – 1:00:06Out
Next Week/Wrap-Up – 1:14:06


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